I, for one, is not a very good story teller. I am just one, trying to find an outlet to express. A home for my chirpy mind. A canvas for this palette of paint to land on. A domain for this projection of life.
With a piece of my mind, and the graphic of my eyes, 'Attraversiamo'!

Saturday morning is Space Oddity time! “Ground control to Major Tom, Ground control to Major Tom.”

Damn, I can’t help but love David Bowie.

Enjoying myself on valentines day! Still valentines somewhere! #valentines

Red food are attractive. #notetoself #eatthis regram @collegecookin
Wow 😍 healthy red velvet pancakes?! Find the recipe at @fitleankrystine.

Okay, i am gona go look for a boyfriend now. @sammiefilmz regram @staind55
#repost from #9gag. Darn. Reminded by @vynehenry of this! Ha2 #funneh #VDay much? Not!

I promised my roommate I’d make her chips. It was so good. We are both so stuffed now. Purple dinner; chicken steak, cajunned sweet potato chips, mixed berries smoothies. I cheated. I added peanut butter to my chicken. It was calling me. πŸ˜– otherwise, everything is healthy. Or I’d like to think so? #afterrun #sweetpotato #paleo #primal #eatclean? #instafood #foodporn #eatcleantraindirty #fghh

I won’t feel compelled to change who I am just to make you happy. #repeat #remindertoself #trudat regram @missfazura
True datπŸ’‹ by @dashasultan via @PhotoRepost_app

First day in cold Europe. #imisseurope #throwback #germany

I like Tom. #trudat

Need this during my loner session. regram @mandystadt
I love this Corita Kent print in Elizabeth Wurtzel’s home. A manifesto for creativity. Listen to our talk on writing, addiction, antidepressants, David Foster Wallace, getting sued and the ever potential nature of the orgy. This podcast is insane. Subscribe to get it free:

Nice weather this morning, sun and breeze. Stay this way pleaseeee. Requires a #smoothie with almonds flower! #eatraw #eatclean #fghh #berrylovers #instahealth